None 18 June, 2022

We all know that men and women’s bodies are different. For example, men generally have higher levels of testosterone, and this hormone has a direct effect on the sebaceous glands. With this knowledge, we can conclude that men tend to have oilier skin types. Men’s sebum production is also double that of women, making their skin more susceptible to acne and impurities.

Another difference is that men can have skin that is 20-25% thicker than a woman’s skin. Men also tend to have a lot more natural moisturising factors (NMF), and that will impact the texture and the thickness of the products they need.

The impact of shaving

One of the major differences in facial skincare between men and women is that men shave. Shaving has its positives and negatives. One of the benefits of shaving is that the skin is regularly getting exfoliated and excess dead skin cells are removed. This allows for new, fresh cells to surface and helps to keep the skin looking youthful and radiant.

A negative response to regular shaving is that the skin’s natural barrier is constantly being interrupted. This barrier serves as an invisible shield to protect the skin from external factors that contribute to acne and impurities in the pores. Shaving is also the most common cause of folliculitis, which is an infection in the hair follicles.

It’s a good idea for men who shave regularly to include products with ingredients such as Salicylic acid or Benzol Peroxide to fight bacteria and prevent inflammation and irritation.

The skin ages differently

Men’s skin often doesn’t age the same way a woman’s skin does. They tend to be luckier and the visible signs of ageing come later in life. That’s not to say that men don’t lose collagen and elastin in their skin, which does lead to wrinkles forming. The process just tends to happen later for men than women.

Ageing in the skin tends to look different in men. They get expression lines and dark circles form around the eyes. This can lead to the skin and the face looking tired. It’s important to get skincare products that manage these specific concerns.

Are skincare products made for men better?

A few skincare brands have skincare ranges that are specifically designed for men. However, this isn’t actually what you need to be looking at. As professional skin experts, we prefer to look at the skin in question and make decisions about products based on the unique skin in front of us.

Some great unisex products to try:

  • QMS Epigen Daily Detox Cleanser
  • QMS Hydro Foam – this can be used as a shaving foam that deeply hydrates the skin and reduced inflammation and sensitivity
  • QMS Liquid Proteins as a day and night time moisturiser
  • Heliocare gel spray SPF 50 for face and body use

Our experts are available to help assess your specific skincare needs and advise on the products you should use. Men’s skincare is as important as women’s and should never be ignored.



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