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When it comes to cosmetic versus cosmeceutical products, your skincare regime is always going to be more effective if you get products designed for your skin.

Cosmetic vs cosmeceutical products – skincare and the delivery systems

Due to the nature of cosmetic products, they’re easily found in most retail stores and can be purchased without any prescription or even a professional recommendation. The question is, are most people using the right products and are these products doing what they say they do?

The problems with buying from a retail store or pharmacy

When buying products from a retail store or a pharmacy, the chances are you aren’t actually getting what it says on the bottle. In many cases, the ingredients list isn’t accurate – which brings me to the question, is it really worth your money?

1. You don’t get a skin analysis

Since you can buy these products straight off the shelf, you’re rarely going to get an analysis done of your skin to ensure you’re getting the right products. It’s important to have an in-depth skin consultation done by a professional to assess your skin type and skin conditions. This will assist you in choosing the correct products for home use.

2. The products don’t always deliver active ingredients into the skin

The delivery system in skincare products is really important. It’s the main reason why cosmeceutical skincare is a better option when treating the skin. Cosmetic products do not have the technology to deliver active ingredients safely into the skin, which can result in the product only sitting on the surface and not giving you any long-term benefit.

Cosmeceutical skincare products, which can only be found in a professional skin clinic, offer you tested delivery systems and high potency ingredients. They also have plenty of studies and trials to show efficacy.

Cosmeceutical products give you more

Cosmeceutical skincare products are able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. This allows them to target cells to visibly improve skin conditions, such as premature ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, acne or acne scarring.

For this reason they play a critical role as part of your home care regime in preparing your skin to handle more advanced treatments, such as Dermapen treatments, Tran3X treatments, Cosmelan, Acnelan and chemical peels in general.

Speak to your skincare professional to help you make the best decision for your skin.

– By Yoscha Uren



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