Treatments 5 April, 2023

We’re answering the most frequently asked questions about chemical peels that we get from our patients.

What is a Chemcial Peel?

Simply put, a chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure during which a combination of chemicals is applied to the skin in order to improve overall texture and appearance by removing top layers of the skin to reveal fresh, new skin below.

Sound scary? – it doesn’t need to be.

Is it safe?

Yes, if performed by a trained professional in a hygienically prepared space and they are using a formulation developed and trialed by a trusted brand. 

Ideally, you also want your therapist to have some experience and to be trained and certified by the brand they are using, because brand specific training will not only address how to perform the treatment, but also how to prevent adverse results and how to deal with a case where something goes wrong. 

It is also critical that you are as detailed and honest as possible about your skin care and medical history when consulting with your therapist. This will help avoid any negative results.

How much will I peel and for how long? What is the downtime?

This depends on the depth of the peel you are having done.

For instance, on our menu we have a few superficial peels, which will deliver on results, but will not result in flaking. These would include Mesoestetic Modified Jessner, Azelan and Melanostop peels as well as the Lamelle Lacti-Firm peel.

Downtime is minimal, if at all. At most clients will experience a feeling of tightness which will subside within 24 hours.

If you embark on medium or deep peels such as the Mesoestetic Mesoeclat, TCA, Cosmelan or Lamelle Beta Peel, you can expect various levels of peeling from light, soft flaking to sheet flaking, which you can achieve with the TCA peel.

Downtime will last anywhere from 7 days to 14 days, except for Cosmelan which can result in redness and tightness for the entire extent of the home care application.

That said, downtime doesn’t always mean being locked away in a dark room. With the right home care and sun protection, most people carry on their normal routine while experiencing downtime. 

What are the benefits?

Quick – Peels are quick and can easily be done during a lunch break. 30min is all we need.

Affordable – Peels are fairly budget-friendly, especially when you see the bang you get for your buck. We normally recommend a course of 4-6 peels every 3-4 weeks as a starting point. This means that you could get optimal results with doing just 1 peel per month for 6 months. Together with proper home care, you will see notable improvement from a starting price of just R650.

Customisable – Peels can be customized to target 1 concern, or they can be combined in a way that addresses multiple concerns in one treatment. 

What’s more, an experienced professional can also combine peels with other treatments in a way that can speed up recovery time, eg using Dermalux LED therapy 

Or a retinol cream can be used to boost cell-turnover, turning a superficial peel into something more intense, but not quite medium depth.

The combinations are endless if the professional has a thorough understanding of the product and the right products at their disposal.

How long before I see results?

This varies in line with downtime.

Superficial peels can show instant results – as in immediate

You literally get off the bed feeling smoother, tighter and more glowy than when you got on the bed 30min earlier.

Whereas with deeper peels, you will wait longer for final results to show. 

BUT, please think of a professional facial like going for a dental cleaning. Just because you went once, doesn’t mean you can stop brushing your teeth and that your teeth will be clean forever 🤭

Remember – even though 1 peel will produce results, if you want a long-lasting optimal result you will need to commit to a course of peels done at the correct intervals so that you can actually change your skin over time.

AND in addition, you will need the support of the correct home care.

What brand of product do we use?

We use only complete ranges (i.e. from cleanser to sunscreen, no brand substitions!) from these 2 trusted, clinically proven brands with exceptional track records in the industry:

Mesoestetic – Global leader in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, specifically pioneering treatment protocols focused on managing pigmentation and acne.

Lamelle – A South African biotechnology research company that produces highly advanced products for the aesthetic skincare market.

Who is the ideal candidate for a course of peels?

Because peels are so customizable, there really is a peel to suit everyone.

The only exception would be someone who has an impaired barrier, in which case we would advise treating the barrier back to health and full functionality before beginning a course of chemical peels.

All of these skin concerns can be treated individually or as a multiple-concern course of treatments:

  • Acne and breakouts
  • Signs of ageing
  • Hyperpigmentation and Post-inflammatory pigmentation

Is the aftercare onerous?

Most clients are surprised by how basic home care can be immediately after treatment. The first 7 days can literally be as basic as:

  • Using a gentle face wash
  • Avoiding the sun and active ingredients
  • Wearing sunscreen religiously
  • Applying a restorative barrier cream

After 7 days, you can begin reintroducing exfoliants and actives, but always reach out to your therapist for advice if you are unsure.

A good clinic will always provide guidance.

Should I wait for winter? 

Not necessarily. While avoiding the sun post-treatment is critical, UV rays remain present during winter, so it’s really all about committing to responsible use of sunscreen and good home care.

Where do I start?

The best first step is to book a consultation with one of our therapists and have a full, complimentary skin consultation performed. Allow them to guide you with a treatment plan and home care recommendation list to suit your needs, our lifestyle and your budget.



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