Treatments 13 April, 2022

By far one of most frequently asked questions I get: can I do chemical peels throughout the year, or do I need to avoid them during the summer? In short, you can absolutely do them all year round. All you need is the correct guidance from your professional skincare expert.

Start with an in-depth analysis

The first thing your skincare expert needs to do is an analysis of your specific skin. Each person is different, and we all have our specific needs. With this information, we can determine which chemical peels are suitable for your needs, as well as which ones are suitable during summer.

Go for superficial depth peels

Superficial depth peels such as alpha hydroxy acids are very mild and have a smaller molecular structure, meaning you have minimal to no downtime after the peel. This is quite different to beta hydroxy acids with a slightly larger molecular structure, which can result in your skin feeling dry and you can visibly see the dead skin cells flaking off.

Use the right SPF

The reason why people so often say you shouldn’t do a chemical peel in the summer is because you are exposed to more sunshine. It’s important to avoid direct sun exposure just before and after your chemical peel appointment. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside at all. Instead, talk to your specialist about getting a very good and high SPF to use daily – and remember to reapply on the days when you’re more exposed UVA and UVB rays.

Ask about a pigmentation inhibitor

If you are prone to hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone, or have a history of melasma in your family, then it is of utmost importance to add a pigmentation inhibitor to your skincare regime. This will control the amount of melanin travelling to the surface of your skin, which can be a lot more in summer when you’re exposed to more sunlight.

Don’t stop your chemical peels just because the sun’s out

If you and your skincare specialist are confident that you’ve got a good treatment plan and home care regime, you can safely do chemical peels throughout the year. Just remember to keep those deeper peels for winter, of course.

– By Yoscha Uren



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