Meraki is the product of two great minds with a passion for the beauty industry and restoring happiness in others. Leigh and Nadine have created an environment free from stress and unnecessary complications. Neither of these two powerhouses ever envisioned that they’d be in the art of relaxation one day. Leigh has a background in the financial world. Nadine has a background in tourism and hospitality. Both realised that their intended path was not their passion. Their soul, creativity and love has resulted in Meraki.


Their approach to holistic wellness applies to how they treat the world around them. Opening a beauty salon in Cape Town it is vital that Meraki can operate in an as eco-friendly, water-wise manner as possible while maintaining a high-level of hygiene and beauty standards.

Meraki calls Battery Park home, this building has been built in accordance with the Green Star Office Tool and strives to have as minimal an impact on the environment around it as possible.

All grey water from the building is recycled in the flushing of ablution facilities. The products used in practice contain no ingredients that contaminate water for recycling. We heat our water individually when needed so we don’t waste this valuable resource waiting for it to run hot from the geyser.

There are recycling points in the building too. Meraki takes it one step further by using recycled materials where possible in their practice and separating all waste generated in house for recycling.

We encourage the use of our e-mail or SMS facility to send receipts to avoid unnecessary printing.

And, of course, we serve you water in glass. Meraki has a strictly no plastic bottle environment.


We like our products the way we like our beauty routine, uncomplicated and effective. We believe that science and nature go together like cake and chocolate, we believe in proven scientific results and we believe in not adding any unnecessary ingredients or routines to our lives. We save the guinea pigs and test on ourselves for your peace of mind. If we don’t personally use it, see results and love it, then it won’t make the team.  We’ve got your beauty back.

Products used

!QMS MediCosmetics

QMS MediCosmetics has a focused range of beauty products to treat a wide variety of skin types, blending 25 years research with real-time experiments that have proven scientific results. Winner of World’s Best Spa Brand for three consecutive years speaks volumes to what this brand can do for you. QMS doesn’t need fancy machines to ‘activate’ its ingredients, it simply needs a personal beauty therapist to guide your experience.

Harmony Gelish

There’s polish and then there’s Gelish. A light-cured nail polish that has a track record for lasting through whatever you’d like to do with your hands and looking freshly painted afterwards.  Gelish is known for being at the forefront of the latest colour trends and application technology. Pop in for an express mani or pedi with added Gelish and we’ll have you in and out chop-chop. We’ll call it a lunch date.

Harmony PolyGel

Love nail polish but just can’t quite get them to the length or strength you would like? Acrylics are your friend here, helping you achieve your perfect nail. Harmony’s PolyGel is the latest technology in acrylic nails. It’s a lighter, durable and less complicated way of doing acrylic nails. PolyGel is unique in it’s odourless formula and, this is a biggie, there’s no airborne dust created in the process a la regular acrylic nails.  Go on, you know you want to.


We love traditional nail polish. What we don’t love are the traditional chemical contents. Orly is breathable, cruelty free, certified Halaal by the Islamic Council of South Africa and free of said traditional chemicals. With a dazzling colour palette and durable, long wearing finish what’s not to love about Orly.

Elim MediHeel

Our feet do it all; run, walk, dance, play, shop and drive to name a few. Elim MediHeel is our knight in shining armour when it comes to feet. Add on a MediHeel treatment to soothe and condition your cracked skin whilst preparing the nail bed to ensure longer wear from nail polish.

Elim MediHand

If our hands could talk the tales of sun exposure they’d tell, the most delicate of skin is the most exposed in our daily routines. Add an Elim MediHeel treatment to your manicure to help turn back the clock and fight the signs of ageing.



Holistic wellness is a personal journey. Taking time out for yourself is essential in our hyper-connected world. While the practice of holistic wellness is not new Meraki prides itself on keeping up with the latest international standards. We also pride ourselves on offering a professional and personal service. Let our highly-qualified team guide you on your wellness journey. We know our knees from our elbows and our salicylic acid from our retinol A. Whatever your concern we have you covered.


We love fun. And we love beauty. And sometimes a party is bubbles, manicures, pedicures and treatments. If this sounds like your kind of party get in touch and we’ll happily host you.